Welcome yoga teachers and business owners!

Modern business needs more mindful individuals. Yoga needs more business sense.

Balancing the deep desire in your heart to offer service, alongside the desire to provide for your family and community are two skills that need to be cultivated individually. This website is blog that brings together Yogic business advice, as well as business advice for yogis starting a business or studio. It is run by Jessica Rhodes MBA, a former CEO of a thriving yoga non profit. If you have an article to share, please send  a note in the contact form.

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Starting a Business


The first step of starting a business is the idea, of course. But what is an idea without plans? A

Find your People

If there is no one doing what you would like to do, but you have found a demonstrated need in

Make Small Goals and Accomplish Them

Make small goals with your team and accomplish them. Before anyone needs to apply for a business license, test your

Write a Business Plan & Strategy

Don't miss this step. Take the time to write the business plan based on what you learned in steps one


Stand on the shoulders of giants

Read from other business owners. Learn how freedom comes with clear roles, clear processes, and a shared vision

The Math Behind Yoga Business

30Actual Pace of Projects