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I’ll do some posting. As business owner, serial entrepreneur and E-RYT I have guidance to share. Being a white, millennial, now-able bodied female means that my perspective is limited. I look forward to celebrating the diverse group of leaders in our industry. Please drop me a line if you’d like to be featured.


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Much of the experience on this blog will come from your experiences. This is the place to share what you have learned and to assist others in navigating the business of yoga. We hope that instead of people starting their own business, that they will find that you are doing a great job at a similar mission.  From topics on strategy, to teamwork, to bringing restorative circles into your practice – all are welcome.


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For any person or group that is looking for more in depth consulting, please contact 3fold communication. They are a firm dedicated to serving bold clients – making a real difference in this world.

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Businesses are complex. No one piece of advice applies in every situation. Further, the melding of yoga and business is akin to the joining of oil and water. This blog, therefore, does not attempt to merge yoga and business in the “right” way. My yoga teacher would tell me that there is no right way – that the concepts of yoga and the maya of today’s business simply don’t mix. He’s right. The age of leaving work and family to follow a master in the Himalayas, however, is a privilege and a hardship not available to all. After working to run a yoga business for six years, I’d like to share how I navigated the terrain between heart and budget. I’d love to read what you have learned too.